Monday, February 06, 2006

To Ask or Not to Ask?

The internal union politicking on this board is inexcusable and has no place in a discussion of the implementation problems created by the DOE.

That's what Bill Stamatis, who runs New York Teacher, told me on Ms. Frizzle's site when I chided him for, among other things, denying high school teachers a democratically-elected VP.

It's rather remarkable that Mr. Stamatis has the audacity to set norms for a blog that is not his by any means. Mr. Stamatis, like his Edwize colleagues, feels labeling inconvenient ideas as "politicking" is a sufficient rejoinder. Lord knows, both the Democrats and the Republicans condemn one another's activities as "partisan politicking" when it's too inconvenient to come up with a credible response.

Unfortunately for Mr. Stamatis, I happen to believe democracy denied is a topic worth bringing up at every opportunity.

I'm good friends with a pair of right-wing social studies teachers at my school. We tend to agree on nothing whatsoever. When I recounted responses from Edwize editors and Unity supporters, we did agree that they amounted to the same thing--basically, they were all telling me to shut up.

"Do you know what that means?" asked one of the social studies teachers.

"It means they don't like hearing about this," I said.

"Maybe," said the other one. "But it also means you must be right. Otherwise, they'd have answered."
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