Thursday, February 16, 2006

Teacher Morale

Jules at Mildly Melancholy, for my money, wrote one of the best critiques of the 37.5 minute class that the cowards from EdWize refuse to talk about.

I teach four periods in a row. I am doing instruction for the near-equivalent of four periods. I cannot leave my room between 12.38 and 2.57.This should be illegal.

Know why it's not?

The union, god bless their ignorance, still insists that this "small-group tutoring" is not instruction.

Jules is stuck there continually, without even the possibility of a bathroom break.

She insists she is actually teaching, and I don't doubt it. How ironic and horrible that she has no recourse as a result of the pig-headed stance her own union took while trying to ram the very worst contract I've ever seen down our collective throat. She's "tutoring" low-level math, not her specialty, to needy kids who don't even have books. She wishes "that this whole thing was just a bad dream and no one had to deal with this nonsense."

Unity is tired and decadent. Its propaganda blog, Edwize, refuses to address issues that directly affect teachers and now simply deletes comments that don't follow the party line. So much for free and spirited discussion.

Let's send them to the unemployment lines before they get a chance to do the same to us.

(That is not actually Jules in the picture above. Not yet, anyway.)
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