Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Republican Strategy in 06

Things are not looking rosy in Bushworld. The deficit is ballooning, the unnecessary and apparently endless Iraq war is sucking billions, the dollar's value is steadily being degraded, and the "ethics-shmethics" philosophy of the neocons is finally beginning to get some traction in the timid and clumsy mainstream media. Sure, the vice-president went out and shot someone, but that's better than hearing that he authorized Scooter Libby to out a CIA agent. Maybe he's not such an inept hunter after all.

USA Today reports that there will be initiatives in 16 states to ban gay adoption. Forget about Iraq. Forget about all the money we owe China, and continue to borrow. Forget about health care costs, and forget about the Trojan horse of a Medicare prescription plan. Forget that the government is now frantically classifying documents and we're not even allowed to know which agencies are involved.

The thing you need to remember is that only Republicans can protect us from the evils of gay adoption. God forbid these people should care for children unfortunate enough to lack parents.

Though they can't get married or adopt children, they can still pay their full share of state, local, and federal taxes. That, apparently, is one of their remaining civil rights. What's next in the Republican war against homosexuality? Perhaps they shouldn't be allowed to vote. Look for that in '08.

Oddly enough, I'd venture to say that an overwhelming majority of these gay folks came from heterosexual parents. Perhaps we ought to ban heterosexual adoption too, just to make sure.
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