Sunday, February 12, 2006


Let's see, a spelling bee..a pleasant little contest where kids compete to correctly spell some tough words. It's tougher still for eighth-grader Sara Beckman of Reno, Nevada, who correctly spelled discernible, yet lost when visiting judge Dan Quayle incorrectly rang a bell. Okay, it wasn't Dan.

But now they say the parents should have protested immediately, and have no right to further appeal. Actually, I could understand being intimidated by a spelling bee judge sitting there with a dictionary, thinking "Boy, I'm even more ignorant that I'd thought."

Sara's mom isn't taking it lying down and plans to sue. A school spokesperson hopes for an amicable settlement, contending defending itself against lawsuits is not the best use of school funds. Perhaps they ought to invest in a spelling-bee judge who knows how to spell, or at least read a dictionary
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