Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Imperial Principal

It's odd how those who are so particular about what others must and must not do so often fail to hold themselves to their professed standards. That's certainly the case of Lee D. McCaskill, now ex-principal of Brooklyn Tech.

McCaskill spent years of pursuing petty vendettas against teachers in his employ. Oddly enough, he had no compunction whatsoever about sending his child to a local Brooklyn elementary school while residing in New Jersey. He and his wife both worked in the city. Why spring for day care or babysitters when you can simply drive your child back and forth and put it on the tab of NYC taxpayers?

The DOE agreed not to press charges against McCaskill in return for payment of $19,411 for stolen education. Carmen Farina, deputy chancellor for teaching and learning, said, "I wish him well. I think he's done a lot of good in that school."

That's right. Destroying 4,000 copies of a school newspaper written by the brightest kids in the city is not so bad. Nor is his illegal and larcenous behavior.

As long as he's willing to harrass and intimidate teachers, and who cares why, the man is tops with Bloomberg's DOE.
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