Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Finest Technology Money Can Buy

My school is very much with it. First of all, we hard-wired every clasroom for broadband access years ago. Now, we've had the entire building set up for a wi-fi network. How many schools are completely set up for wireless? Not many, I'd guess. Now there are some nattering nabobs of negativaty who'd neglect these niceties. They'd say "Sure, you've got a wireless net work, but there are no computers in any but two classrooms."

I decided to use it anyway, and bought a laptop from Dell. While waiting for the school to finish setting up the network, I bought a wireless router and set up my home, so my daughter would stop kicking me off my computer. Oddly enough, the wireless network registered, but IE showed a blank screen. Being the resourceful guy I am, I hooked the laptop up to the ethernet wire. Nothing.

I called Dell, waited on hold for twenty minutes, and got transferred to a friendly fellow from India with an accent thicker than peanut butter.

"Type eye for eye-glue please"


"Please type eye for eye-glue."

After an hour of restarting, retyping, and repeating, the technician determined the problem must be with my DSL modem.

"Why does it work with the desktop?"

"It works with the desktop?"

"It does."

"Well, then sir, we will send a technician to your house on Wednesday"

"I work all day Wednesday, and also all evening."

"Perfect, sir. The technician will call you Wednesday before he comes to your home. Thank you for calling Dell. Is there anything else I can do for you today?"
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