Friday, February 24, 2006

Creative Problem Solving

Here's an interesting approach to a discipline issue from Three Standard Deviations to the Left, a blog I just stumbled across:

Today I had a girl eating an apple in class, so I told her to put it away. I go help some other students, and as I get back to this girl, I see that she's taken another couple of bites out of it, but it is sitting on her desk.

So, I pick the apple up and lick it from bottom to top and put it back down on the desk. She shrieked, and the other kids around her laughed so hard I thought they'd pee on the floor. She did stop eating the apple, though.

It's reminiscent of Frank McCourt's approach in his great new book Teacher Man. Much as I like this solution, I have a feeling some moronic administrator would charge me with corporal punishment if I tried it.
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