Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bloomberg: Food Guru

Mayor Bloomberg isn’t all bad. In fact, he’s absolutely willing to improve education as long as it doesn’t funnel money away from vital projects, like constructing stadiums for needy billionaires. In fact, here are three concrete improvements the mayor has made:

1. He’s replaced sugary soft drinks in vending machines with juices. Sure, he used a no-bid contract to do so, and his motivations are therefore questionable. But the naturally occurring sugars in fruit juices are somewhat less objectionable than the processed cane sugars and corn syrups that form such a large portion of the great American diet.

2. He’s banished white bread from school cafeterias and replaced it with whole wheat. Even the questionable school-cafeteria cheeseburgers and frankfurters are served on whole-wheat buns. They probably still contain sugar or honey, but they also contain fiber, which is assiduously avoided in many adolescent diets.

3. NYC has just banished whole-fat milk from its cafeterias, much to the disappointment of the dairy industry. When the largest purveyor of fat-laden milk products in the school cafeteria business takes a step like this, it’s likely to be emulated elsewhere.

So please don’t say I never said anything good about the mayor.
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