Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Heroic Quest

Chancellor Klein went to Albany this week, to boldly ask for more money. It's vitally important that we get another 5 billion a year, and he and Mayor Bloomberg has made it quite clear that gyms, labs, and replacing old buildings are essential priorities.

In fact, Mayor Bloomberg's representatives have repeatedly asserted they will do everything possible to provide this aid, except of course, paying for it. Upon being asked to shoulder a portion of the lawsuit costs, Bloomberg's aide told the New York Times the Mayor would say "No, thank you," rather than pay one dime of the CFI lawsuit.

Mayor Bloomberg would love to fix the schools, but he needs to save money for tax rebates. Perish forbid New Yorkers should be asked to pay for anything so trivial as the education of its 1.1 million schoolchildren.
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