Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Support the TWU

Mayor Bloomberg just got through telling New York that there should be no negotiation until the TWU ceased striking.  Perhaps, in his inscrutable way, he feels that will motivate them to go back to the bargaining table with Kalikow, who publicly announced he’d given them their best and final offer.  More likely it will help prolong the strike.

It’s simply unconscionable that the MTA, which regularly pleads poverty as the reason for not granting raises, should be sitting on a billion dollars and still not see fit to offer even cost of living to hard-working New Yorkers.  If they’re asked to suffer in bad times, simple reason dictates they should share also in good ones.  

The zeal to screw the working man, a by-product of Reagan’s felonious reign, has been peddled to America everywhere, often under the guise of “right to work.”  Thankfully, blue states like NY know better.

The transit workers have drawn a line in the sand.  They’re standing up for us, and for working people everywhere.  Support them, and tell your legislators to support them too.  
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