Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fraud Rules

William Weld, who continues to praise the college that someone managed to run into the ground under his stewardship, wants to be governor of New York.  The problem I have is that he keeps shifting the blame for this debacle.  He says it’s the federal government, or some accreditation council, or this or that.  

That’s disappointing.

Why can’t Mr. Weld stand up and announce his company sucked the resources of the school dry, and once they’d taken every last cent there was to steal, let it drop dead?  Now that’s leadership.  Now some will contend such an admission might dampen his chances of becoming governor.  But his school, in which truant students were given answers to tests in order to qualify for loans, is a model for the sort of thing we can expect under NCLB, and copycat NYC regulations.

Sure they paid people off to shut them up about what was really going on.  But that’s the way things are.  What happened to Randi Weingarten after selling the UFT down the river?  She got on the news, standing behind a real union leader, as though she herself were one. What happened to Rod Paige after he faked the “Texas Miracle” by cooking the books?  He became US Secretary of Education.  What happened to his boss after having led us to a disastrous war based on false information?  He may have actually gotten more votes than his opponent.

Let’s stop the pretense.  Mr. Weld ought to stand up and admit that he’s a fraud, and confess that his only sin was getting caught.  Now that’s the kind of leadership Americans want today.

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