Monday, December 12, 2005

Anyway, It Couldn't Hurt

Chancellor Klein's longstanding policy is doing as he sees fit, when he sees fit, taking credit for all improvements, and vilifying the UFT whenever things fail to work. Much to his amazement, this tactic is not sitting all that well with parents, according to today's NY Times. Apparently, parents of NYC schoolchildren have found the unexpected audacity to demand a voice in the way their children are educated.

Despite spending 100 times what used to be spent on parental involvement, many parents feel shut out of the process, noting that in many cases, parent coordinators have failed even to organize functioning PTA organizations. I know precisely how they feel--teachers have been out of loop since Joel the K. rode into town.

While the Chancellor doesn't give a damn about the parents, let alone their kids, he'll now be placed in the position of having to behave otherwise.

Who knows? It might just force him into doing something worthwhile.
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