Sunday, November 06, 2005

An Anonymous Comment

I keep thinking about this comment someone left a few days back. It's very clever, and I'm reposting it below:

Here in NYC, a cosmopolitan, sophisticated world class city with numerous museums, theatre, libraries and institutions of higher learning -- here and only here can we have a book smart, university educated membership voting against their own interests.

The taxi driver, the air conditioner repair man, the shoe shine and hot dog vendor all understand the concepts of labor union, working class and give backs. They understand that more time and less rights do not equal more money. They may not understand all the vocabulary in the Wall St. Journal but they understand the word NO and will use it if they need to. No, as in 'no to this contract' as in 'not in my best interests'. The membership ratified the contract because they are not used to using the word NO and they forgot how to say it.

"No, you cannot go to the bathroom. No, you cannot hand in late homework. No, we do not want this contract."
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