Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Count on Unity

We can always count on Unity. During the boom years of the nineties, they negotiated zero percent increases for teachers. Now, while NYC has a surplus, they give away the store and get us less than cost of living. They tell us that’s the best they can do, and claim anyone who disagrees is delusional.

Count on Unity, through bad times, to assure us that a bad contract is the best they can get, and through good times, to get us nothing or damn near close to it.

Unity propaganda tells you how anti-union the country is, and they’re right. They tell you the awful things the Bush White House lets corporations get away with, and they’re right. They tell you that nationally, things are tough for unions, and they’re right.

Closer to home, though, only 16.9% of New Yorkers voted for Bush. We know better here. We can and should do better here. The cops, the correction officers, and the sanitation workers did better than us. They don't have Unity negotiating for them.

You can always count on the comforting voice of Unity, the party that’s been in power forever, through good times and bad, to tell you “That’s the best we can do, and anyone who disagrees with us is delusional.”

Well, I’ve come to believe them. Under their stewardship, we’ve gone from the highest to lowest paid teachers in the area. I believe that’s the best they can do. I’ve also come to believe that it’s time for all the opposition parties to unite and bring in some new blood. Why?

Because Unity can't do any better, and anyone who thinks they can is delusional.

Vote no, and defeat this contract. Then vote out the entrenched, cynical, self-serving and impotent Unity hacks who think we work for them.
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