Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Bottom Line

Juan Gonzalez, the shining star of the otherwise union-busting, teacher-bashing NY Daily News is a rare breed…a journalist who tells the truth about education in NYC:

…back in 1995 under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, teachers were relieved of hallway and lunchroom patrols. That job was properly assigned to school aides.

Now Klein and Bloomberg want to return to the old system. They hope to save money by cutting the jobs of hundreds of school aides.

Using teachers as hallway monitors does absolutely nothing to improve education.

So much for “Children First.” With Bloomberg, it’s always about money. Him, I understand.

But how does the UFT Executive Board sleep at night, after selling us out, and for so little, on Bloomie's "Roadmap to a Sixth Teaching Period?"
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